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Roof Döcke

Döcke Extrusion Co. Ltd

The company is determined to keep on confirming the leading position on the Russian market of facade and roofing materials as well as rain gutter systems.

Döcke Extrusion Company has been on the Russian market of siding, facade materials and rain gutter systems since April 2005. In a short period of time Döcke has not only gained wide popularity due to perfect quality, brilliant marketing strategy and competitive prices, but has also confidently become one of the leaders on the Russian market of facade materials.

2006 year – the trademark of the Döcke siding wins a prestigious national competition "Brand of the Year / EFFIE 2006" which is considered to be the Oscar in marketing.

2007 year – the trademark "Döcke" is honoured with the title "People's Brand 2007".

2008 year – Döcke Extrusion Company is one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl siding and facade materials – the company wins the National Business Award "Company of the Year"  in  the nomination  "Reputation and Trust".

2010 year – Döcke wins the competition "Building Company Website".

2011 year – Döcke Extrusion Company is honoured with the international quality award "EUROPEAN STANDARD - 2011" in the nomination "For Compliance with International Standards and Business Process Requirements, High-Quality Management and Finished products".

Vinyl siding , facade panels, shingles
andrain gutters


Döcke Extrusion Company is the largest Russian producer of vinyl siding, facade panels, PVC rain gutters and roofing materials in Russia. For almost ten years Döcke has held the leading position in the market of facade materials and rain gutter systems in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). The company's products including decorative siding and plastic facade panels have repeatedly won prestigious Russian and international

awards. The products development, manufacturing and sale are realized under the trademark Döcke, licensed and controlled by the company «DöCKE Systemlösungen Gmbh », Berlin, Germany. The equipment and technologies of the leading German, Austrian, Italian and American producers are used in our factories in the towns of Dmitrov (Moscow Region) and Kirzhach (Vladimir region). Since 2012 production processes and quality management have been realized according to ISO 9001 and IQ Test standards.

The world's leading producers of outdoor PVC siding, plastic gutters, facade panel (basement siding) and shingle use the equipment of leading producers from Germany, Austria, Italy and the United States. These countries are considered to be leaders in the industry of high-tech production lines. Above all, the quality of the end products depends on the up-to-date industrial base and technologies, the efficiency of production, the quality of raw materials and compliance with manufacturing standards. Döcke products are repeatedly tested at all stages, from raw materials to package. The plant is equipped with a modern quality laboratory to test each lot of plastic siding, gutters and facade panels on such criteria as resistance to mechanical damage, colour uniformity, colour fastness and many others. Since April 1, 2013 we produce siding in Dmitrov using a patented manufacturing process ZEITech ® that allows to increase the real product warranty up to 50 years. Homeowners dream is to buy high-quality polymeric siding for their summer houses at a moderate price has come true. Today consumer’s choice is clear – order Döcke products for your house and get a warranty certificate that guarantees its high quality and the lack of manufacturing defects for many years.

We use only modern technologies producing PVC products. Döcke Extrusion specialists constantly develop new solutions to improve quality, safety, appearance and usage of the products. Vinyl siding, facade panels and gutter collections renew the colour range, new accessories make installation easy and accessible, proper raw materials and colours allow to offer extended product warranty, excluding repair costs and finished facade maintenance.

Döcke Extrusion customers and partners pay special attention not only to high product quality, but also to safety transporting. Therefore Döcke siding and Döcke -R facade panels are packed in branded cardboard boxes saving the cargo from damages, simplifying distributors and dealers logistics, providing the additional forgery protection and allowing to recognize the goods by their labels. Gutter parts are also packed individually – tubes and gutters are packed in branded cover-films to provide their perfect look while mounting on the country house and cottage.

One of the significant Döcke Extrusion advantages is appropriate marketing and advertising partners support on the side of the company and the production plant. We do not just sell siding panels, gutters and basement siding but at the same time concern for our partners to offer a full range of product information to the customer. Nowadays advertising catalogues and POS-materials (for sales offices) estimate more than 60 popular items to arrange sales offices of various levels. Döcke Extrusion constantly participates in central and regional exhibitions. Döcke and Döcke -R TM promotion is executed via mass media, Internet, outdoor and transit advertising.

Welcome to Cooperation 

The distribution and sale, affiliate expansion and the search of new sales areas is an important part of the company development strategy, therefore we have certain requirements for potential distributors.

The main demands:

  • Availability of an own warehousing capacity;
  • Own sales network;
  • Proactive participation in Döcke’s procurement planning.

By working with Döcke Extrusion our partners get all benefits from cooperation with a well-known production company:

  • Wide range and constantly high product quality;
  • Constant expansion of product lines;
  • All the necessary range "from Basement to Roof" from the same manufacturer;
  • Perfect combination of design and engineering;
  • Collection improvement taking into consideration partners' and customers' wishes;
  • Prices from the producer;
  • Predictable and client-oriented pricing policy;
  • Expert regional dealer policy;
  • The highest possible marketing and advertising support at federal and regional levels;
  • Unique and constantly updating set of advertising materials, polygraphy and POSM;
  • Supply chain "just in time", shipping products directly from factories;
  • Special seasonal shipping programs;
  • Full-time training and on-line educational courses for partners;
  • Special offers and competitions for Dealer companies and final consumers;
  • Organization of conferences and exhibitions in cooperation with Partners;
  • Strong information support on the Internet, dedicated web sites per each business stream;
  • Software for Windows and Android to help buyers and sellers;
  • Free technical support hot line for Russian buyers.

The vinyl siding and gutter systems sale

An extensive offer and fierce competition on the Russian market of siding and facade materials for outside work impose certain requirements on manufacturers and suppliers due to customer’s desire to buy quality goods at the most favourable price as well as to get the highest level of pre- and after-sales service. Therefore Döcke Extrusion pays special attention to customer service. You can buy Döcke products anywhere it is convenient for you, — the sale of our products is done all over Russia and in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). No matter where you are, you will never find yourself without the producer's support and attention while choosing, purchasing, assembling or in case of an emergency. Free phone technical support number  8-800-100-71-45 is always at the service of buyers and sellers of Döcke products.

We suggest buying products fast and at a moderate price - the horizontal and vertical siding,

block house and soffits as well as a wide range of facade panels (basement siding) and PVC rain gutter systems under the trademark Döcke (Dёke) and Döcke-R. Besides, in our partners’ stores you can always order and buy supplementary elements and accessories (soffits, profiles, slopes) as well as professional tools for the installation and repair of facade products.

If you need Döcke products for your personal use, please contact one of our distributors. In the section "Where to Buy" you will find the contacts of our regional representatives who will advise you on the sales points of vinyl siding, facade panels and PVC rain gutters . They will also carry out calculations of the amount of siding required, provide give necessary advice and help you to choose specialists for installation.

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