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Döcke Extrusion Company is one of the largest producers of vinyl siding, facade panels, PVC rain gutters and roofing systems on the Russian market. Over the years the company has won various competitions and was awarded with titles. We don't rest on our laurels and constantly develop our production and are determined to keep on confirming our leading position.

  • European Standard 2011

    Döcke Extrusion" wins the international quality award "EUROPEAN STANDARD - 2011

  • Pennant

    Pennant winner of the National Award for "Company of the Year - 2008"

  • Company of the Year - 2008

    The winner of the National Business Award "Company of the Year – 2008" 

  • National Brand 2007

    Döcke wins the "National Brand 2007"

  • Brand of the Year 2006

    The first prize "Brand of the Year 2006"

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