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For Potential Partners

Nowadays, Döcke Extrusion Company is the leader on the Russian market of faсade and roofing materials. We would like to cooperate with companies for wholesale distribution of siding and gutters, facade panels and shingles.

All Döcke products are made with the strict observance of technology on the most modern equipment using the best materials. The comfort of partners and customers is also very important for us, that is why we are concerned not only about the quality of products but also about the process of distribution

We deliver siding from the warehouse in Dmitrov directly to our partners’ warehouses, providing a clear scheme and keeping to delivery schedule even in high season.

The wholesale distribution of siding and gutters is impossible without safe packing. It facilitates partners’ work and makes the purchase easier. Our package is clearly marked and it helps to find quickly all necessary products even at the warehouse with a large range without delaying a customer. The customer can always buy the required amount of material from the warehouse showing to a shop assistant name label without wasting time on code numbers.

Unfortunately, manufacturers and suppliers distributing siding often pay little attention to package. The majority of Russian companies involved in siding wholesale pack their products in plastic films with corrugated cardboard on each side. This method is good for a careful transportation, but for large volumes this package is not so safe.

Shingles, facade panels, gutters and siding wholesale: the manufacturer's warranty

The products are realized under the trademark Döcke, licensed and controlled by the company «D.Ö.C.K.E Systemlösungen Gmbh », Berlin, Germany with all the necessary technological conditions. Döcke facade panels, siding and gutters undergo quality tests, proved by certificates and conclusions and comply with industry standards.

The quality of Döcke facade panels, shingles, siding and gutter systems are confirmed by the manufacturer's written liability: Corporate Warranty certificate for 50 years for siding, facade panels (basement siding) and shingles; 25 years for gutters. All trademarks are registered.

Siding and gutters wholesale. The terms of cooperation.

Having achieved a significant success on the market, Döcke Extrusion continues to expand its sales network.

The company strictly keeps to the agreed delivery schedule and to the clear scheme of cooperation with clear requirements to its potential partners:

  • the experience of working with facade panels of stone design, shingles, gutters and siding made of PVC;
  • Availability of an own warehousing capacity;
  • own sales network;
  • proactive participation in Docke’s procurement planning.

If you are interested in cooperation with Döcke, please fill in our application form.

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