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The Benefits of Working

Working with Döcke Extrusion our partners get all benefits from cooperation with a well-known production company:

  • Wide range and a constantly high product quality;/li>
  • Constant expansion of a product line;
  • All the necessary range «from Basement to Roof» from the same manufacturer;
  • Perfect combination of design and engineering
  • Collection improvement taking into consideration partners' and customers' wishes;
  • Manufacturer's prices;
  • Predictable and client-oriented pricing policy;
  • Expert regional dealer policy;
  • The highest possible marketing and advertising support at federal and regional levels;
  • Unique, constantly updating set of advertising materials, polygraphy and POSM;
  • Supply chain «just in time», shipping products directly from factories;
  • Special seasonal shipping programs;
  • Full-time training courses and on-line educational courses for partners;
  • Special offers and competitions for Dealer companies and final consumers;
  • Organization of conferences and exhibitions in cooperation with Partners;
  • Strong information support on the Internet, particularized sites in all directions;
  • Software for Windows and Android to help buyers and sellers;
  • Free technical support telephone line for Russian buyers.

Do you want to work and earn money together with Döcke Extrusion Company? Become our dealer. Fill in the on-line application form and we will consider your suggestion and contact you soon.

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