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Roof ventilation

Roof aerators are the ventilation elements for the under-roof space, which are installed with a different roofing materials and regardless the roofing slope.

The main purpose of roofing aerators is:

  • to remove the residual water vapor coming from internal premises of the house;
  • to maintain the temperature regime of the under-roof space, to prevent the roof heating during winter (in other words to prevent ice formation), and in the summer prevent overheating heating of the attic space.

The Döcke company produces two types of aerators: ridge vents and spot vents.

Döcke PIE Ridge Vents are installed on the pitched roof horizontal ridges and helps to avoid destruction of the inner wooden structures and heat insulation due to wetting and subsequent rotting of materials and structures.

Döcke PIE Spot Vents are designed to solve the same issues as the ridge vent does, but in a different way. Spot Vents are essential for the roofs with small length of the ridge.

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