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Rain gutters

You have finished the installation of facade and roof. Now you have to equip your house with a rain gutter system. Many buyers delay this work for the next season, but the first heavy rain shows that the house should be immediately equipped with a rain gutter.

Indeed, rain gutter systems are a good way to keep precipitations off your roof. They also protect the foundation, walls and basements from getting wet and flooded. In addition, a properly arranged rain gutter will keep safe the flower beds situated closely to the house.

The advantages of Döcke rain gutters

In recent years rain PVC gutters replaced metal ones from the market. The answer is simple, low prices, excellent quality, the opportunity of installation without special tools, glue or welding, interesting colours, absolute noiselessness and light weight are just some of the advantages. In fact, you buy yourself a big constructor for adults, and the result of the installation will be your peace of mind and the protection of your house from moisture for many years. If you add to this their perfect appearance and the opportunity of easy modification, for example, when enlarging your house space, you will realize that Döcke rain gutters are your perfect choice!

Döcke rain gutters

LUX series

We recommend installing this system on houses with a roof area of more than 250 m2. The large throughput of the Döcke.

LUX Rain Gutter system will remove all precipitation from the house without increasing the number of pipes. The LUX series is not only characterized by increased throughput and strength, but also by an excellent design of all elements of the system.

Colour Palette


Döcke rain gutters

PREMIUM series

We recommend installing this system on houses with a roof area of 150 to 250 m2. The PREMIUM Rain Gutter system is a sample of the thoughtfulness drainage systems, which is ideal for medium-sized houses.

Colour Palette


Döcke rain gutters


If you have small commercial buildings (arbors, sheds, garages, awnings) or cottages with a roof area of up to 150 m2, then the Döcke STANDARD series Rain Gutter system is the best solution.

Colour Palette


Döcke rain gutters

Döcke rain gutters. LUX series

Döcke rain gutters. PREMIUM series

Colour palette of Döcke rain gutters

  • Fire Safety Certificate

    Fire Safety Certificate

  • Certificate of Conformity

    Certificate of Conformity

Remember that a few years ago metal gutters were dull gray constructions with rusty stains. They spoiled the look of the facade rather than decorated it. But the times have changed. The new generation of plastic gutters made of plastic offers an interesting range of colours and shapes, different diameters and structural elements so that your house looks unusual and individual.

When choosing Döcke PVC rain gutter systems, you get several colours options: Ice-Cream, Chocolate and Pomegranate in the PREMIUM series. In the LUX series you can choose between Ice-Cream and Chocolate. Döcke LUX plastic rain gutter systems look more solid due to their increased diameter – that is what the owners of large houses and small business facilities will appreciate.

The production of PVC rain gutters on the Döcke’s plant

The production of "Döcke Extrusion" takes place in Russia. Since 2009 we have accumulated a wide experience of production and we guarantee the high quality of products. A plant in Dmitrov (Moscow region) has sophisticated German and Austrian equipment from leading manufacturers. We constantly develop and improve our production.

Well-established technologies, an unconventional approach, the German precision, the best engineering solutions help us to create unique rain gutter systems for you that perfectly go with all facade materials and protect the constructions of buildings from destruction caused by precipitation.

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