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Rain gutters' advantages


European qualityDöcke rain gutters mean not only modern European equipment, the best raw materials and advanced technology. All elements of production go well together, and each employee is responsible for the work. A multi-level quality control system gives an opportunity to offer a 25-year limited warranty!


Brightness and durabilityWe follow the laws of colour harmony, so our rain gutters go well together with other Döcke products and any traditional construction and finishing materials. You can choose a rain gutter system that combines with your facade or emphasize the contours of your house by means of a contrastive rain gutter system. Your home will always look wonderful anyway!

Multi-purpose usage

Multi-purpose usageUse Döcke rain gutter systems for your house, outbuildings and pavilions. Let Döcke rain gutter systems move precipitation away from the roof of your own store or cafe. If you own an object with a large drainage area, use our Döcke LUX series that has a larger discharge capacity and will highlight your building’s design. Magnificent shapes, construction perfection and their excellent compatibility with Döcke Standard series – this is convenience for those who demand more!

Easy installation

Easy installationRain gutters ease of installation is one of their main advantages. As for Döcke products, this simplicity is brought to perfection. Its design is thought through, the instructions are comprehensive and the instruments are conventional. Rain gutter systems installation has never been so easy. If the project of your house does not provide for a large number of pipes, pay attention to Döcke LUX series. There will be fewer pipes, but the efficiency will remain.

Low prices

Low pricesDespite the fact that Döcke rain gutter systems are produces in Germany and are made of European materials, our plant is located in Russia. It allows us to pay minimal customs duties, and to significantly reduce transport costs. As a result, our customers get the best prices, and while we maintain the highest quality!


RecognitionModern equipment, advanced technology, the best raw materials and colours. Success develops from exactly these components and our love for our customers. And numerous domestic and international TM Döcke’s awards prove that our way is right. "Brand of the Year", "People's Brand", "Company of the Year", "European standard" are just some of our awards. We promise that there will be more of them!

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