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Facade Panels' Advantages

Döcke-R facade panels are the modern alternative to natural brick and finishing stone with undeniable advantages.

The price of material

The price of materialFacade panels’ finishing works will be at least 2.5 - 3 times cheaper than stone decoration with comparable visual results. You also do not need to purchase cement or tile adhesives, special materials for the wall reinforcement, tools, and to pay for the loader’s service and the lorry’s rental.

Easy, fast and inexpensive mounting

Easy mountingNo special skills are required to mount Döcke-R facade panels. It is enough to get acquainted with the instructions, understand the mounting principle and things will go with a run. Now you are not to spend your free time searching for professional specialists. Almost any builder can mount the facade panels. And if you want to save even more money you can mount yourself.

Installation without professional assistance

Installation without professional assistance Detailed print and video instructions make it possible to install facade panels without professional assistance. Save on specialists and spend money to buy a new porch swing or a swimming pool. There are all pleasant and useful things you can buy on the saved money!

Perfect appearance and natural texture

Perfect appearance and natural textureOur facade panels are developed by the three-dimensional scanning of natural materials. Thus they have a completely natural texture imitating the features of a natural material. We have specially selected the best examples of three-dimensional models - you will never have to overpay for broken or damaged material!

Natural colours and hand finishing decoration

Natural coloursFour Döcke-R collections include the most elegant and popular colours selected by several European designers and tested among the potential buyers by focus group method. To highlight the natural beauty of the original material we use hand finishing decoration for each panel. This means you will never find two identical panels not only on your facade, but also in one lot.

Patented panels’ attachment technology

Patented panels’ attachment technologyThe most important component when choosing facade materials is fast, high-quality and reliable installation. Therefore our engineers provided several patented elements in the panels’ construction to keep its stable structure, rigidity and reliability in wall attachment to the building and attachment with each other.

Top-quality paint from the best European producers

Top-quality paint from the best European producersThe paint layer durability guarantees the beauty and the elegance of your house. Therefore we purchase the paint from one of the world leaders on the colouring market – Lechler Company. Döcke-R panels are not the ones to be painted with company’s colours, Formula-1 race cars are among constant Lechler customers.

50 year Warranty

50 year WarrantyOne more advantage of Döcke-R facade panels is our confidence in our product quality therefore we provide 50 year warranty. Your children and grandchildren will know exactly that the walls of their ancestors' houses are really safe, because these are the walls of their family estate even if it is a small country house.

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