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Warranty Liabilities

The Döcke trademark belongs to D.Ö.C.K.E Systemlosungen Gmbh, Berlin, Germany. All Döcke products are licensed and controlled by this company on the basis of a license agreement. The 50 year facade panels’ warranty time guaranteed by the producer is confirmed by branded warranty certificate for Döcke production.

General rules of Döcke products transportation and storage

Döcke products are to be transported in curtain-sided lorry not less than 4m long.
Storage is executed only in the branded producer's package.
Storage is executed only under conditions preventing from moisture and direct sunlight.
Storage is allowed only in covered accommodations equipped with ventilation system(temperature from -35 ° C to + 50 ° C) and 50-60% relative humidity.
On long storage (over 10 days) pallets or racks are to be used with the storage boxes height not exceeding 1.5 m.

It is strictly forbidden to store Döcke products:
  • without the producer’s package;
  • under the direct sunlight;
  • near the heating devices (at a distance less than 1m).

Before expiration of the warranty the buyer is obliged to hold the following documents:

  • documents of payment (cheques, invoices, etc.);
  • contract for installation work;
  • package label indicating the production date;
  • fully filled warranty certificate with the purchase date and the stamp of the trading organization.

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