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Quality control

High quality is one of the components of brand ideology. The most modern extrusion equipment of the leading European developers, highly qualified personnel, trained in Germany, PVC, modifiers, colours and ready-made blends strict quality control, careful supervision technology at all stages provide Döcke products with excellent operating characteristics.

Two particularized laboratories fitted with the most modern equipment constantly control Döcke siding and gutters characteristics in the production process.

As a result, Döcke Extrusion is the only Russian company that successfully passed the American Vinyl Siding Institute's test and proved that it meets ASTM's high quality standards.

Video Döcke Quality control

Raw material`s quality control

The Production begins with a daily analysis of PVC raw materials and a ready-made blend`s characteristics: :

PVC and ready-made blend humidity

Humidity control allows to avoid the formation of lumps in a ready-made blend that has a critical impact on the uniformity of siding and gutters structure.

PVC and ready-made blend flowability and bulk specific gravity

Strict supervision of these characteristics provides the components' good mixing, and as a result, siding's and gutters' uniform structure

PVC sieve analysis

The control of PVC granulometric composition , elements' size, PVC structure uniformity, the absence of foreigh impurities.

PVC thermal resistance

Before production process begins, the specialists check on plastograph time variation of the finished blend's viscosity during its heating. According to the findings, if necessary, they make changes in composition. This allows to achieve Döcke products' consistently high quality.


The control of finished products' characteristics is equally important. We control each batch of finished panels and Döcke siding accessories:

Siding damage resistance

Damage resistance is the main index of the siding's quality. According to the ASTM standards, siding sample must hold the impact inflicted by a hummer weighting 3,6 kg from the height of 190mm. Döcke siding meets the requirement.

Döcke siding Low-quality siding

Unlike many domestic brands, Döcke siding is also tested even stricter through Stokes method. This method is usually used to test the strength of PVC windows at low temperatures.

Siding is cooled to -15 ° C, and tested by the blow inflicted by a 1 kg hammer from a height of 1.5 m. Döcke siding passes this test. As for low-quality siding, it just cracks under such an impact.

Döcke siding Low-quality siding

Siding colour fastness

These properties represent siding opportunity to keep the original colour for many years. The samples of siding are put under hard ultraviolet radiation in a special oven for 1000 hours. The difference of the tested samples is visible even to unprofessionals:

Siding heat resistance

In order to check siding heat resistance, the samples are placed in an oven and are heated to 70 ° C for 60 minutes. After that specialists measure the rate of elongation during heating and check the presence or absence of deformation, the appearance of bubbles, bundles and other structural defects.

Siding structure control

Laboratory specialists check the siding structure: the ratio of the layers, the absence of inclusions, and the unevenness of the structure under the microscope at a hundredfold magnification.

Döcke siding
Low-quality siding

The control of siding's compliance with the standard colour

Every 30 minutes we control the siding geometric parameters and colour in an extrusion line directly in the workshop. If there are some colour deflections, the line is immediately stopped, and we correct the base blend's composition.

The control of siding thickness

In order to cut costs some producers reduce the thickness of siding, and this is not visible to human eye. However, during the blow tests, these differencies have a significant impact on its strength. Döcke siding thickness meets the international standards, and it is always at least 1.1 mm.


Döcke rain gutter systems pass strict control of the finished products that have to meet the high quality standards, regulated by international rules.
Döcke rain gutters pass the control ready-assembled, as well as separately.

Damage resistance

In the process of testing the samples of gutters are cooled to 0 ° C and tested by a steel beam that weighs 7 kg. Döcke rain gutters pass the test.

During this test we cool pipes to -15 ° C and test them by the impact inflicted by a hammer weighing 1 kg from a height of 1m.

The resistance of rain gutter systems under load

In order to examine rain gutters’ permanent deformation, we impose a reference load to assembled brackets and collar clamps (7 kg for a bracket and 28kg for a yoke) for 30 minutes. Then we remove the load and measure the control samples’ permanent deformation 24 hours later. It should not exceed 3mm.

Döcke rain gutters do not break under the weight of snow and ice. Moreover, they do not break under the weight of an adult person.

Döcke rain gutter

The containment of ready-assembled rain gutters

In this test we fill a rain gutter system with cold water and water heated to 50 ° C. A properly assembled rain gutter system won’t leak.

Colour fastness

Similar to siding, the elements of a rain gutter system are tested by strong ultraviolet radiation during 1000 hours.

Heat resistance

We put the samples in an oven and heat them to 70 ° C during 60 minutes. Then we measure the products’ elongation and check if there are some structural defects.

The control of rain gutter system’s structure

Under a microscope we control the ratio of layers, the absence of inclusions and the unevenness of the structure.

The control of the reference of gutter to the standard colour values

The test is similar to that … on the siding production line. Every 30 minutes experts check gutters’, pipes’ and fittings’ colour. This allows to maintain all products' colour uniformity, regardless of a batch.

Constant quality control in siding and rain gutter systems production ensures their durable operation!

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