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Shingles (asphalt shingles)

With its second plant for the production of asphalt shingles Docke Extrusion Company completed the idea of an integrated approach to the decoration of a country house. Now we have a full range of the necessary materials ? from Basement to Roof.

In cooperation with European engineers and designers Docke Extrusion Company elaborated shingles for pitched roofs on the basis of SBS modified asphalt. All collections of shingles were created after we had studied in detail the preferences and wishes of potential buyers, as well as professionals in the construction market in Russia.

The main purpose of the new direction was to crate a roofing material that is easy to install, which has a rich colour palette and interesting shapes of shingles, some of which are not represented by other manufacturers.

Docke Shingles Collections

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    Fire Safety Certificate

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