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Roof’s advantages

High european quality

High european qualityWe guarantee consistently high quality and the availability of necessary volumes of products in high season thanks to raw materials from the best suppliers and the most modern equipment from Italy and the USA.

The stability of quality and price

The stability of qualityOur plant is located in Russia, and we try to cooperate with suppliers that do not depend on the world prices for raw materials or exchange rate. That is why we can guarantee consistently high quality at reasonable prices for Russian buyers. Import substitution is our specialty!

Using the sbs-modified asphalt

Using the sbs-modified asphaltWe produce Döcke shingles on the base of on SBS-modified asphalt. Modern polymer asphalt modifiers, used in the preparation of the matrix, help us to achieve excellent elasticity and freezing resistance qualities. No fractures occur during the installation in bends and joints.

The unique dual system of applying a glue line

The unique dual system of applying a glue lineIn order to ensure exceptional consistency of installation, we apply not only a traditional glue strip on shingle "tabs", but also an additional one on their front side.


Glue fastens shingle tabs for the purpose of preventing their tearing-off in case of strong wind. We apply glue at a temperature of 170 C. The technology of its composition is patented and provides good glue fastening when the surface’s temperature is + 20C. An easily removable siliconized film protects the base glue layer. The film can be removed in one motion and significantly reduces installation time.

The tests on "wind influence" showed that Döcke shingles’ glue fastening is 2 times stronger than that of some other Russian shingles producers.

Easily removable siliconized film

Зашитная пленкаThe removal of a film before installation is 40% faster thanks to silicone coating. The film is removed in one motion, without tearing apart even under extreme heat. When the mounter saves time, client saves money.

The unique geometry and colour schemes

The unique geometry and colour schemesThe best Italian, German and American designers participated in the elaboration of Döcke shingles, taking into account the preferences of Russian buyers. Thanks to the application of three-dimensional basalt granules of different colours, it is possible to choose between collections with a "three-dimensional shade" and the option with a "smooth play." One of the exclusive shingles forms is unique for Russian producers and opens up more opportunities for country houses design.

Shingles orientation in the process of installation

Shingles orientation in the process of installationThere are special notches on the surface of shingles that help to properly direct one shingle toward another, reducing installation time. It makes the work of the specialists easier.

Heat stability and acoustic comfort

Heat stability and acoustic comfort Carefully calculated amount of mineral filler that constitutes the frame of roofing coating allows to avoid the instability of shingles with a significant roof slope during the summer. It also prevents the emergence of stains and unpleasant smells on a hot day. Roof coating effectively dampens the noise of rain and hail, providing acoustic comfort inside.

Durability and colour resistance

Durability and colour resistanceA mixture of natural basalt granules of four factions ensures their high adherence with an asphalt polymer compound. It allows to avoid the fall of granules in the process of exploitation, for example, in spring when the snow melts. The technology of applying the «Stabifest +» colour at 800 ° C makes the coating resistant to ultraviolet, durable and bright.

50 years warranty

Гарантия 50 летThe patented production process ZEITech® that is familiar to Döcke Extrusion Company’s clients thanks to Döcke vinyl siding allowed to bring the production to perfection and guarantee the absence of defects for 50 years. Few producers offer such a warranty on their products.


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