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    The main advantages of siding and plastic gutters are their easiness of installation and reasonable price. Despite the fact that the process of production is quite difficult, the price of materials is low. Compare prices of siding and of clapboard, a popular facade material, natural material will be 1,5 times more expensive than vinyl siding. And this is only material!

    Don't forget that before lining wooden paneling it has to be treated with wood preservative and colored. Thus it influences the price. Also don't forget about the periodic repair and coloration of the wooden paneling . It is better to choose siding, because you economize due to its low price and get rid of expenses in the future.


    Materials of a high quality are enough on the market of building materials. A buyer can choose between domestic and imported materials. Products from Canada, the USA and Europe are traditionally popular; however, with some advantages of imported siding its price is high. Just think about the expenses of transportation across the ocean! No wonder that materials produced in Russia are in demand in recent years. Their characteristics are not worse than American and European ones, but the price is lower.

    Nowadays, the production of these materials in Russia and abroad doesn’t differ. Top producers use German and Austrian equipment, all the necessary raw materials, additives etc. are bought from the same suppliers.

    Thus the reason why the imported materials are more expensive lies in the transportation costs and customs. Besides, the increase of the exchange rate influences the price of imported materials. Döcke products are free from additional expenses because they are made in Russia.

    The advantages of Döcke products: quite low price for siding, high service performance, quality and reliability tested by 10 years of production in Russia.

    In comparison with other materials vinyl siding and gutters have the following advantages:

    • Strength and durability;
    • Resistance to decay, corrosion and fire;
    • Climate Resistance;
    • Elasticity, resistance to damage;
    • Low prices for gutters and siding;
    • Easy to install, light weight;
    • Ease of maintenance.
    • The opportunity to buy enough materials from more than 650 dealers in Russia and the CIS (COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES).

    Vinyl siding has been the leader among lining materials and vinyl rain gutter systems for a long time. As for vinyl rain gutter systems, they are considered to be the best option for the drainage of country houses and cottages. Siding's functionality, attractive appearance and a variety of colours, simplicity and a profitable price of siding and rain gutters make it possible to guarantee that these products are the future of the market of materials for out-of-town construction.

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