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Advantages of siding


european quality and warrantyDöcke vinyl siding top quality is not only the result of the usage of modern European equipment, best raw materials and advanced technology but also all production stages coordination and every employee's responsibility. A multi-level quality control system and the ZEITech ® introduction made it possible for Döcke to provide a 50 year product warranty!


brightness and harmonyColours for Döcke siding are selected in accordance with the laws of colour harmony. Thus they combine together and with any other natural and artificial finishing materials. You can choose details for the facade decoration of similar shades or play on the contrast. You might want to decorate your facade with different types of siding. In any case Döcke guarantees a perfect engineering combination and a colour composition. You can also be assured of the dyes’ resistance to fading, damage and wind.


universalityYou can install Döcke siding on the main house, outbuildings, arbors and pavilions. Entrust to Döcke the look of your own store or cafe. Neat and modern appearance, rich design opportunities, perfect combination with natural and artificial materials, buildings’ group construction, united by Döcke one-colour siding. Could you ask for more?


simple and wide choice Vinyl siding and its accessories are produced in so-called "tasty" colours. Our designers have specially selected colours and named them so you keep in mind the necessary combinations. Thus home decorating becomes a pleasant and interesting idea. Lemon vs caramel? Kiwi vs banana? Or maybe a peach, cappuccino and some ice cream? Oh, so delicious, oh, so beautiful! Now choosing a new design for your facade is not only simple, but also delicious!


easy installationEasy installation is one of the main advantages of Döcke siding. Its simplicity is brought to perfection. The instructions are clear, the instruments are conventional. Installation never was that easy. The mounting without professional assistance definitely saves money. Take attention to instructions attached to every product or watch our tutorial video. However, if you are not comfortable to install on your own, we recommend you to turn to professional support.


neutral textureDöcke siding imitates natural wood having the depth and structure balance. Döcke siding texture looks like centrally sawn primary timber. Thus the quarter-sawn timber is the most expensive sawcut method providing only 1-2 boards per one tree.

Due to the shallow depth of the siding texture it is simple to hose its surface with water from dust and dirt.


anti-hurricane lockAnti-hurricane lock is the prominent feature of Döcke siding. Being resistant to environmental effects it keeps your house facade safe and sound. The particular double-bent system is the additional stiffener increasing the siding mechanical performance.


affordabilityDöcke siding gives you an opportunity to afford much more! Production located in Russia, efficient business processes, minimum transport costs are the main reasons for the best siding price. Just count up all the costs to decorate the facade with natural materials or guess how much money, time and efforts will you spend for future repair and painting work? We recommend to invest in building new summerhouse or family travelling while Döcke siding is in charge of your exterior home design!


recognition It is quiet important for everyone to be confident in the future. The customers’ satisfaction with our siding is a Döcke priority for many years. Modern equipment, advanced technology and the best raw materials combined with our appreciation for customers are significant components of recognition. And numerous domestic and international awards only confirm the right path of Döcke.

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