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We are pleased to inform our partners and customers that "Döcke Extrusion" got successful test results of the the American Institute of vinyl siding’s research program. The results confirm that our "vinyl siding" meets ASTM standards.

We can proudly say that at the moment we are the first and only producer on the Russian market of vinyl siding that tells about its" full conformity with ASTM standards" presenting the proof. We actually conduct tests on the basis of an internationally recognized organization that is authoruzed to conduct PVC certification - American Institute of Vinyl Siding.

This test controls the basic PVC siding’s characteristics, such as:

  • panel’s geometry (length, width, thickness);
  • resistance to impact;
  • colour uniformity;
  • resistance to wind pressure;
  • combustibility when exposed to an open flame;
  • heat expansion.

For the testing we chose the most popular colours from pastel and dark pallete.

Product analysis confirmed Döcke vinyl siding compliance with ASTM standards all properties mentioned above. Some parameters exceed American requirements.

For instance, Döcke siding’s check measurements showed our products’ colour uniformity properties are 2.5 times better than the required level. Flammability tests resulted the full correspondence to international standards: Döcke siding does not support combustion exposed to open flame. Analysis showed our siding’s wind resistance is 2.7 times better than the reference quantity. Thus is an evidence of Döcke high quality and excellent consumer properties.

Successful test results are an additional advantage of cooperation with products under the trademark Döcke for our existing and potential partners. Buying Döcke siding, tested to the same standards as the best American and Canadian products, you can be sure it will always protect the house from even the most difficult weather conditions. Siding appearance will satisfy our customers over time.

Actually, in addition to the conducted laboratory analysis, Döcke are to test ist products in the field environment by VSI research company in Miami, Florida, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

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